$75 $216

LightInTheBox has the POWKIDDY RGB10MAX3 Open Source 5" Handheld Game Console (16GB+64GB) for $114 - $39 off with coupon code RG75 [Exp 5/31] = $75 with free shipping. The 128GB version is $83 and 256GB is $95 with the same code.

$75 retail: $216

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Ben's cred: 70
Posted 05/18/2024 at 07:47 PM PT
Posted 05/18/2024 at 07:47 PM PT
My last order from LightInTheBox was an empty envelope that had been altered to make it appear as though someone tampered with it. But, the USPS put it in a special envelope so I could know that was how they received it from LightInTheBox. I got the hardest time when I tried to get my money back. They wanted to make the case that I received the gaming console, but I had video evidence that I received an empty package. This was the last time I did business with them.
Ben's cred: -539
Posted 05/19/2024 at 12:27 PM PT
Posted 05/19/2024 at 12:27 PM PT
Even if you lost your "dispute" with light in the box, your credit card company would have resolved it for you. These kinds of purchases are mostly no-risk for the consumer.