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Ben's cred: 83
Posted 6:27am PST 11/08/2019
Posted 6:27am PST 11/08/2019
This is not $20 retail. Regular Amazon price is $4.99, so it's only $1 difference.
Ben's cred: 6578
Posted 6:30pm PST 11/09/2019
Posted 6:30pm PST 11/09/2019
Thanks, $20 is incorrect (was based on CPO Outlets info), but $4.99 is not the list price, either. The list is $11.

$3.99 is the lowest price it's ever been and only dropped to $4.99 last month.

"Was" is Amazon 's way of providing the most recent price but it's not necessarily the list. Sometimes, Amazon will display the list price.